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A New Age – #21

A New Age – #21 published on 11 Comments on A New Age – #21

So, if anyone is confused why Kaylin is getting naked, she’s getting ready for bed! You don’t sleep in your armor! You only wear pajamas when you expect to get up and go around in the morning around other people, or if it’s cold! It’s also possible that Nyna doesn’t allow pets to wear clothes in bed. . . Just saying, it’s possible.


I thought it was pretty clear why Kaylin was getting naked. What wasn’t clear was why her arms were in such inconvenient locations! 🙂

3rd panel, oh nyan that pose only works with those clothes if you have large breasts.
Still brutal jab from nyan, really gave kaylin a scare, though it sounds like nyan ages like a elf, so is she a minor for her kind?

Elves are considered Mature at 20 (a little later than humans) though they are still considered “Young” till they reach 100 by others in their race. That said- most cant really tell the age down to the decade by looking at them but they can generally tell the number of centuries. Nekomatas are magically powered creatures, and they replenish that magic from the world so they don’t die of age, they have to be slain, or reach a maturity that causes them to stop regenerating their magic. They mature and “evolve” – though it’s more of a rank thing than something like actual evolution (of course) and not like a Pokemon evolution. Their body might undergo some physical change over a short period of time (usually a night of sleep and awaken in their new form) but the changes are usually pretty minor. Her mother is a Nekomata Matriarch, while Nyna is a Nekomata Elite. There are also Nekomata (standard) and Nekomata Cubs.

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