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A New Age – #20

A New Age – #20 published on 11 Comments on A New Age – #20

Unfortunately this information confirms very little, but it’s nice to not have to worry about suddenly dropping dead. They just need to wrestle with the conundrum that perhaps they are already dead and they are just now ghosts in a machine.


Im confident the time difference is based on game time vs real time, the space games time isnt as accelerated as the fantasy worlds, bet when he returns to space less time has passed there than he experienced. Im mean its clear that the laws of reality difer game to game based on hof his ship stopped working and his gun got reclassified as a wand.

I still wonder about the Resurrection Shrine for Adventurers that was found back in the Fallen Star-#06- section of the comic that may play a part in returning to the real world? You can now return to reality for a small fee and act now you can get a second one for free! Just pay a small P&H fee plus free shipping. Offer not good in Tenn or Al.

I am not sure I stated this earlier but I believe Mike, Kaylin and Callum are fine in the real world and their characters have a ghost image of there memories cause the companies servers mysteriously crashed or something

except Kaylin has had hers removed/overwritten with the Bio that Keven wrote. The little she has left is in her little diary.

And not even just overwritten/removed but the Bio has been so fully fleshed out that the detail is ridiculous. You don’t write in a bio the small things but apparently those memories are there in full.

sorry it took me 5 days to respond but could be addressed with the sense that the World(server) or whatever literally created those images from the story and just backpedaled them into the characters becasue Callum and Mike I am assuming didn’t write anything nothing was created and shoved into them to create a personality I mean most likely all the NPCs have a backstory and history about them if all they have is bio and no memories of it how could they act properly in a VR world

This is a fantasy game and the spaceman is living inside a cave. The weird things he are seeing might just be some spectral enemies that are messing with him. The other option is that what happened to Kaylin’s memories are happening to him in a way. Him seeing visions of what his characters past was.

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