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Huh, PMs are spoken out loud in this mixed up universe? Intriguing.

Only if you make it an “Open Message” rather than “Private Message”. It lets groups participate in long range communications together.

Does that mean she’s basically speaking openly, on the region wide public chat?

Speaker phone might be a bit more apt way of explaining it. There is no “region chat” in the game- imagine how annoying that would be in voice chat if every time you entered a zone you got bombarded with a bunch of people yelling across an entire region…

So we have two fantasy gamers one future space whats next a milsim, farming sim, survival?

Real time strategy/management obviously. I’m thinking those games were you build a city and recruit a massive army to fight other people with. That crazy is exactly what would throw this all into confusion. I like the farming sim idea also. They should team up.

I think I’d be happier to find the SimCity players, that can spawn new cities with all the amenities of a modern civilization…so long as they aren’t from a Civ game, with all their nukes….

Well, the you that is here is probably going to be fine. Physically, at least….your sanity may be in question for the duration of your stay.

The you at home, though, there’s zero data on. (You here could be a copy, or your mind could’ve been moved over, or something else I can’t think of. Any particular outcome you’re hoping for?)

No there is a little data on the real world self, remember that they entered at different times. Many lived alone so are unsure if someone would have found them. If any were found it would have been in the news and more would be found. Now we have the kid, he didn’t live alone and he has been in so long. There is zero chance he wasn’t found. So the question why was it not in the news. This means one of four things, their body on the other side continued functioning normally at least long enough it wasn’t concted to the game system, or two its a all traces of them including memory disappeared case. They could also be from difranco but simlar worlds. But my bet they do not have a correct understanding of the time difference, and i think i do. The time difference is do to the day night cycle of each game. The space game likly has a much longer day night cycle than a fantasy mmo. Like in skyrim one minute is a hour ingame, but in a space game its less sped up. So time is flowing differently in each game, tldr no he is not fine, his math was right for his game. Being in the fantasy one gave him more time as it is more sped up, if he goes back into space he is in a lot of trouble.

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