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A New Age – #18

A New Age – #18 published on 19 Comments on A New Age – #18

Nail to the sky is a very high level spell that reverses gravity on an object, making the object repel off of the ground and fly off into the sky and into orbit. When used against most players they get a chance to avoid it, and if struck by it they get a few chances to break out as the fly into the air. It also doesn’t work against flying creatures. That said… it’s generally an instant kill spell even if they do manage to save before orbit, but it’s also used with feather fall spells for fun fast travel almost anywhere on the surface.


Or, ya know, pretend you’re a PC and take it back.

Yeah, she could just steal it back… but that would then defeat the purpose of dropping it to be found in the first place.

Nah. Both of them are. But lets act like the npc gets to dictate your life. And take your shit. Hell. Even if they weren’t he just takes it without even asking like he’s entitled to it. I’ve had ppl grab my shit like that, irl. The only thing it makes me want to do is maim them.

Dude… That doesn’t make any sense and is a really harmful way of thinking. You drop something, intentionally, to be found and used as a distraction- then you want to maim them for taking it? We shouldn’t base our reactions on the leprechaun movie from 1993 where you steal any of his gold and he chases you down like a murderous magical monster.

I think the intended thought process was “You shouldn’t get away with walking into someone’s room and stealing their stuff from them” supported by the inventor just got “his invention” taken from him after “attempting to hide it” without actually getting an opportunity to oppose the theft. The guy who stole it didn’t even know what it was, what it did, if it was a finished product, or if it was even safe. Comparable to something along the lines of you walking into Mark’s room mid-recording and taking the camera he’s using, super rude.

So… not at all from the perspective of the one who left it as a distraction, but from the perspective of the one who just had his stuff stolen. So instead of focusing on the SHE part, the HE part. HE could be a bit more assertive in not getting his stuff taken in front of him.

I don’t know for sure, that is simply my best guess.

The only way to add Kaylin to the argument would be to add something along the lines of “Watching the above injustice should prompt action, such as taking it back…” however based on my understanding of her, I don’t think that fits her character. Again, best guess of what he was going for. The poster was (by my guess) hoping for retaliation against the ‘theft’ expressing frustration with people who have taken the poster’s stuff without asking. I assume I get where he’s coming from.

Even if that were the case, this is an adult family figure (he calls him Uncle) basically saying “Go to sleep, no more playing with toys” and takes the “toy” away. He’s not stealing it anymore than a father takes away a kids gameboy who won’t stop playing it in bed. So even if you try to change the perspective, in this context it still doesn’t make sense. Kaylin purposefully sacrificed her item, not for him, but for herself. The kids not interested in lying, nor is he good at it. Then from Henry’s perspective, he’s taken something as incentive for a kid to get back in bed and to of course give it back to him in the morning. He has no idea how it works or what it does so he wouldn’t try to use it without him. Their relationship is like an adopted child who knows he’s adopted, and his new parent doesn’t force him to call him father, he lets him do what he’s comfortable with. He knows the kid is smarter beyond his years and that he’s powerful. He knows that if things turned to violence he doesn’t stand a chance- but he doesnt treat the kid like something to be feared. He treats him like a kid, a part of his family, and respects him as an inventor and business asset.

I was a bit harsh I think in my statement, but i think it holds true but shouldnt be taken as a personal attack. If someone in your family or circle of friends is stealing from you, that’s something you need to deal with. If someone you dont know is stealing from you- well that’s just theft and you should report it. However- physically maiming them is way beyond an appropriate response. I could chalk it up to internet tough guy response but I don’t know everyone here well enough to know who would use that kind of humor here. It’s fine if everyone’s aware but it’s troubling to think someone’s belief is not an “eye for an eye” (Which while still sounding bad is at least remotely fair) but rather “100 eyes for an eye”. The response of “You stole my Jello, so I’m going to smash your knee caps” doesn’t sit well with me unless it’s dialogue for a penguin that is a demon and thus can justify his overly evil actions…

“Nailed to the sky” is an Epic D&D spell, used to send an enemy into orbit so that they suffocate. What the heck is a preteen doing knowing it?!

Things to do when trapped a sim world: Break the Physics Engine for fun and fast travel.

If the Devs were lazy/cheap/constrained, they likely just used a Signed 32-bit float for the gravity constant. If you can flip the sign bit when it’s called, instant reverse gravity.

As a hobbyist programmer, I would like to know what you would use for the gravity constant

With the amount of computing power required to drive a believeable full dive VR enviroment, gravity should be easy enough to manipulate for each character, and with less precision (because a flying dagger doesn’t need to feel minor gravitic fluctuations) all objects. So for objects signed 32-bit float would be fine. Lazy programmer forgetting to use the more precise algorithm for players would get reminded by the first open beta.

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