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Yes, break in to the adventerer’s home just to talk with him. This does not sound like it will go well becuase this almost never works in any world I have ever heard of, read about, or experienced.

Also, if Nyan gets board with her food she will probably get upto the wrong type of fun.

Woops Nyna is getting addicted to Kaylin and doesn’t want to be left alone~

It looked like the mage kid was giving people balloon rides – a part of me wonders about whether pretending to want that and then dropping a ‘real world knowledge’ comment, would have been a way to safely get the adventurer’s attention so he could help set up the private conversation.

But then I guess Kaylin may not be fully in command of that knowledge, and she’s playing to her thieving strengths. Now just watch, turns out the kid is either a huge fan of hers… or for some reason REALLY doesnt like her by reputation.

I guess this’ll be interesting either way – just hope that we dont have to spend TOO many thief vs mage (in the style of spy vs spy?) pages getting to the inevitable ‘who are you?’ conversation.

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