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A New Age – #09

A New Age – #09 published on 14 Comments on A New Age – #09

Breaking and Entering is kinda her thing. She even has a skill that lets her open and enter a doorway  without detection… of course it doesn’t stop someone on the other side of the door seeing her, it just makes it so she makes no noise and doesnt have to open the door very wide to reduce detection. Then you should go stealth mode but- she wants to talk, not assassinate or kidnap the kid. Speaking of, in Red Dead Redemption 2 I was sneaking up on someone I thought was a bad guy- turned out he wasnt so when i went to just wish him a good day and continue on in my Cowboy outlaw ways- i shot him in the back. Why would you make the “Howdy Partner” the same button as the “Shoot people” Button?!


When I played Watch Dogs, I had similar problems with the controls. turns out the ‘climb low wall’ button is the same as ‘take out nonlethally’ button. So instead of stealthily putting an enemy to sleep I got up onto the car next to him, got immediately seen, and subsequently was filled with many, many tiny holes.

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