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Kaylin’s final comment brings all the wrong images to mind, most likely because I have been reading too many comments on my manga reader site.

“He’s like a wizard, right? Aren’t they weak?”

Oh you poor naive child.

What kind of penalties were there? Just players not taking you seriously, or was there something about the interactions with the then NPCs that made things difficult?

Maic user: weak on physical attacks and possibly physical defense. Also really easy if you can catch them at a bad time (unprepared). When there prepared, your dead.

Just making a guess but some penalties / restrictions I can come up with are about physical stats (less strength, less stamina, unable to wield weapons of the Large or higher size class), and age restrictions (not being allowed in areas that serve alcohol, or the adult roleplay areas / servers).

I want to say that Ragnarok Online let you make child versions of characters, which aside from the cosmetic difference limited some stats but gave you other skills related to your ‘parents’. Generally the bonus skills didnt make up for what you lost, but people would still do it for the appearance or to play with friends.

No guarantee that’s how it works in this game of course, but there is real precedent that it could be based on.

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