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A Different World – 10

A Different World – 10 published on 10 Comments on A Different World – 10

Dangerous to divulge? Oh yeah, admitting to being part of a group of people that mysteriously vanished with most of the worlds wealth MIGHT be seen as a reason to target such a person. There are plenty of reasons divulging that could be a terrible idea, so lets hope this is a tight lipped couple.


Hmm. It gets curiouser and curiouser. We have little idea as to how much time has elapsed IRL which would allow us to calculate the ratio.

I get the feeling a timestop spell happened between Kevin and kaylan I.e Kevin’s mind uploaded, then maybe the elven race used there magic in attempt to stop but it backfired and kicked every player off line with exception to are hero which would explain the dementia that Kevin had or kaylan trying to understand what happened, and it caused the game servers to advance 200 years which only feels like 2days kaylin

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