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Sage, some of the elements you are using really remind me of Log Horizon; the increased travel distance and the disappearance of the higher level entities.

Have you considered updating 2 and 2 instead of 1 and 3 with AI and Yosh Saga?

Travel distance hasnt really been increased (which should be explained in a few updates), disappearance of higher level entities? The adventurers (Player Characters) have vanished- but I havent said anything else has…

As for updating AI more over Yosh! – I would like to- but Yosh! is a simpler and smaller format. AI has a LOT more detail and a lot more scripting. I write out an entire chapter of AI before I work on any of the pages. I then go over all of that and look at places where I can improve the dialogue, remove parts that arent needed and focus things down. While Yosh! is a lot more loose. It’s scripted, but i can change it as I go and I manage it like that. AI is way too much work to do more, if anything, I might eventually have to cut a Yosh! update to be able to work more on AI- but i am going to try and keep it up as I am doing it now.

Well,whatever you do, don’t burn yourself out. You’re more important to your friends and loved ones (and to a lesser degree, us fans of yours) than a silly webcomic or two. -_^

I know I am very late but you misspelled “suppose”. You put “Supose” in the top right speech bubble.

WOW! That is a known trouble word I have every time I type it, so it normally gets checked- and yet this one actually slipped through into the actual printed book too!! Nice catch! I was sure that this was fixed and was just one I forgot to update on the website- but no! It’s an actual error in the book too! I’m not surprised I misspelled it, but I am shocked it went this long unnoticed! Fixing it now! Thanks!

Okay… now either the humans got killed off by something which would explain the lack of adventurers or using said killing off his vr machine uploaded his mind into the server and now the game has become reality so either the game is left running and there no more human players to make characters

I hope you enjoy the comic and I hope you also enjoy having to rethink what happened for a while to come 😛
Unlike some of these stories eventually the majority of it will be explained rather than left a mystery forever. That said, it’s going to be a while! I do want to fill each chapter with new information and hints so people can come to some conclusions before the characters discover it themselves. Let’s just say, so far a few people have had some good thoughts on it, but no one has hit the nail on the head yet. Some have been closer than others though.

oh your damn straight I am enjoying it I been trying to figure out what the accident was and what caused his streaming to cut out but I get the feeling that Kevin’s memories are merged with his avatar and his body may be in fact dead by outside force or it’s was a magical event that caused it, either way I am loving this just warning I am going to be trying to figure out every time you drop a clue haha

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