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Browny is a very silly human. You don’t throw daggers, they’re for stabbing people. Maybe parrying if you’re good enough. Also throwing away your one and only weapon is a dumb thing to do, very sad and silly human man. Now you’ve escalated the fight by pulling the blade, and Kaylin’s got a longer sword than you do… especially after you just threw away your dagger.

Holy schnitzels, Batman. O.O
I get that Kaylin has spent a year leveling up in this world, but that draw-and-slash was on level with Jin from Samurai Champloo.

My, someone put a sharpness enchant on their blade,

My money’s on cheap-ass dagger. Poorly made with crappy metal. Good enough to frighten peasants and beggars into giving up their gold, but any fighter worth anything will just roll their eyes and break it.

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