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A Different World – 11

A Different World – 11 published on 3 Comments on A Different World – 11

That’s a hand full of “Destroy one local economy”. If people are mostly using copper and silver at 100 copper to a silver and 100 silver to a gold- a single gold piece would be used to purchase large quantities of items or for payment on things like entire buildings. Also Kaylin’s joke, she can’t help it, she just learned that that 200 years of difference is actually 300- but that doesn’t line up with the disappearance of adventurers… If they vanished 200 years ago, and she vanished 300 years ago- what the heck is going on?


Getting one user cut off for external reasons and then some time later getting the sever shut down would result in a similar situation. Except if NPC people just forgot the exact date and the over 200 years happens to be 300. The big question is who, why and where did put the whole thing back running and how much time has progressed in the real world. It’s just an assumption, but Kaylin’s event and the disappearance of adventurers could be the same event or two different ones. Also there was some (rather long) in game time after the disappearance of the adventurers and Kaylin’s reappearance, so the world was running quasi alone for 200-300 years in game. The problem with lack of players is that the in world NPC-s could not sense a suspend and resume event, meaning the whole server state could lay stored for uncounted years, get copied or edited and then loaded back up into any system. Unless there is some external interaction (player/admin access), it’s not possible from inside the game to determine what is the state of the outside world and what happened with Kevin. Also, we don’t know if the game’s simulation speed is the same right now as it was before the event, so these last two days could be two hours, two seconds or two years irl. Just my 2 cents…

Well… for determining the state of things outside a game, that depends on how much Social networking was baked into it. For example any connections to Social service equivalents like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Twitch/streaming integration, and so on.

A very common one in our age is the ability to “Tweet” or “Post” activities from inside a game. While Kaylin wouldn’t be able to see any responses, if that process was baked into the general UI, like the way Bank access was, theoretically she could still try to use that kind of function.

It would be kinda like writing a letter to Santa Claus. There is absolutely no way of confirming the letter was read. However if the message can’t be sent at all (such as no connection to the Social network), you’d at least get a negative response as you tried sending. The mail box would spit the letter back out at you, marked “return to sender”.

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