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Wandering Home – 07

Wandering Home – 07 published on 6 Comments on Wandering Home – 07

For those who don’t know, for this comic I generally work on it Friday night on Stream, then color it Saturday afternoon, and then add the text on Sunday or Monday. Since I was at a convention over the weekend- I had to do this one all on Tuesday (because Monday was very busy all day and I had scheduled things that night too). So glad I got it done but- I am looking forward to relaxing at some point in my life… XD Enjoy- the convention was fantastic. It was a lot of fun hanging out with my friends, great to see many of them again. Even got to meet some people I have never met IRL. Got to meet some fans too. Wonderful time. Lovely people, gonna miss them- till next time!


“Sent to another world.” = “Booted from the game.” ???

More literal- remember how I introduced the god of darkness (space)? He was once just a god from Rune Aria, but was granted the domain of space- and within that space are hundreds of other worlds like Rune Aria and others- Other game worlds that needed overseers- so… She literally sent them to other worlds! XD

Amusing thought from this – Ellisia had to acquire more storage to make space for monsters’ afterlife. If that space is taken from other games/planets, then it’s possible monsters who die now show up in another game! So either they could get a different game’s experience, or it could be possible to ‘visit’ them if you had the ability to go between planets, OR they could somehow find their way ‘home’… funny possibilities that opens up 🙂

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