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Wandering Home – 06

Wandering Home – 06 published on 23 Comments on Wandering Home – 06

I’ll be at Anthrocon 2024 this weekend selling books, brand new prints, and extra goodies as well as taking commissions! If you are there- drop by and say hello! I’ll be at table I-24 with my friends! I will likely have a D&D related black T-shirt on and the face of a man with no soul!


I still would like to see them dance in the moonlight.

Have fun at AC.

Ok still not fully clear, the sun god is patron to the high elves, but the moon god is patron to elves as a whole. Dark elves follow the moon goddess, and going out on a limb and asuming the moon elves follow her. I would assume high elves are the minority by a lot though, which leaves the wood elves who sounds like the majority. But all things stated point towards them following the goddess as the arn’t high elves so don’t fit under what the sun got is patron of, but the do fit under the goddess. Unless the human sun god is what matters here?

Sun gods are not unimportant. Especially if you’re involved in agriculture to keep your people fed. Or if you rely on the dawn to make undead and other problems go away.
I could see how Correndel’s followers managed to lean on the other elves a bit — especially if the fantasy trope of high elves somehow being “better” than other elves is in effect in this world as well.
“He’s the god of the quality people and of putting food on your plate. Show some respect!”

If the elven god of the sun is now the official god of the Sun that’s a huge shift making him worshipped by elves and humans alike. Anyone who worships the Sun worships him rather than it being split. That’s a pretty big deal. His status is raised greatly and it’s expected that he would possibly take over as the most worshipped by elves. Which should transition him to the position of God of elves but we know Kaylin has been getting messages from Lyrestra and not Correndel.

I get that, but humans aren’t living with the elves to my knowledge. So this wouldn’t directly increase his worshipers among elves. It would mean he has more total just not there. I asume there is another factor like you mentioned that he may be taking over as the god of elves as a whole, but info give nothing really increased his presence among elves.

More worshipp = more power = more ability to make things happen.
As a sun god, Correndel probably has influence over farming and fertility. Even if he himself gets along fine with the moon goddess, any miracles he’s granting to help the elves that are better than what he used to be capable of will further inflate his importance in the eyes of the elves — especially the high elves. They’ll start trying to raise him above Lyrestra, no matter how he might feel about it.

Oof, I got close to this on the previous page’s comments! More godhood shenanigans at work.

Yunn’s expression in panel 4 feels almost ‘dreamy’, suggesting positive feelings about this Correndel… and they were just talking about ‘sizes’… oh dear. I wonder if what they’re suggesting Kaylin has been ‘missing out on’ for 300 years is the Elves basically being Correndel’s harem.

Drow societies are typically matriarchal; if that holds true for ‘Dark Elves’ in this setting, having a male god take over would certainly upset that balance/order in ways that Kaylin might find VERY frustrating! It might also explain the other Elves Kaylin met having experienced a shift in their preferences.

I wonder if Ellesia is open to lore corrections on THAT nature… though getting ahold of Ellisia might be awkward. “Hey, I’d like to file a bug report …? Are you listening…?”

Yunn is nervous because she knows kinda how Kaylin will react to this news knowing her best of the two. She’s also a cleric of Lyrestra. The dark elves here are not drow and don’t have a matriarch nor do they generally live underground but… There are underground elven homes and cities.

Dark elves and drow have always been two very different races. Drow are a dnd original vs dark elves are folk lore based, and besides both being elves they have next to nothing else in common.

Actually, dark elves existed in D&D far before the Drow. Look up Mystara and the Hollow World for those old Grey Skinned Dark Elves. Good Lord that game world was just insane. It’s the OG. The original that Gygax created for the old red books, and the Basic and Expert sets…trust me. I’m old enough I have copies of them all….

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