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Why do I sense something not being said?

I recall Kevin, at the start of this, deciding to reduce Kaylin’s breasts from the largest possible in the character creator mode, to something smaller than Kaylin’s breasts look now. Is there an in-universe explanation for the increase seen now, or is Sage just so used to drawing huge breasts these days, that all characters max out now?
No, that can’t be correct, because Nyna is less than full chested. Oh, well, I’ll adjust.

The joke was that he put her just UNDER the largest possible- so shes only slightly smaller than the largest. Slime suits just have a habit of making things look bigger sometimes… 😛 (also – anyone who has drawn art for a long time should know consistency is a dream that cannot exist forever sometimes people are gonna draw things a little different, sometimes styles make things change- its how it goes.)

Between slime bodysuits and on-set water bottle shenanigans, there’s plenty of excuses for occasional extra size! Especially for effect when desired…

….Seriously with Kaylin’s social manipulation kit, I would NOT be surprised if she’s adept at ‘boosting her charisma’ for specific encounters! Either through body posing or even outright magic. She pulled a little of that during the Talithar diplomat after all… I’m pretty sure there’s precedent for MMO in game animations that alter proportions, right??

All of which is to say that we can just appreciate the pretty pages and dont need to overthink it too much 🙂

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