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Wandering Home – 03

Wandering Home – 03 published on 15 Comments on Wandering Home – 03

Kaylin doesn’t get to use what little magic she has often, but her control of it is extremely high because of her subclass as a Spell Thief. In the game, the special effects when casting a spell could be customized to a point (you couldn’t just fully remove them but you could use some tricks to make them harder to see the effects to help catch people off guard). Here Kaylin has started the casting of her darkness spell but is just manipulating the pre-spell effects to create a dancing shadow displaying her control and practicing it.


I have no idea what class system Artifical Incident uses. But considering Kaylins current class and fighting style, she probably would get a great use of Debuffs, Illusions and Curses instead of just attack magic.
So I’d probably dual class into Warlock or something similar to a Hexblade.
See if she can’t make Nyna her Patron and once Nyna learns illusion and debuff magic like a Nekomata apparently should know, Kaylin would get access to Debuff, Illusion and Fire Magic ontop of stuff like Elemental Weapon and whatever a warlock normally learns.

Also just for fun(I doubt this would work in any game setting), what if she took Pact of Chain gained Find Familiar as a ritual spell and used it to find a cat familiar, or a Find a Nekomata familiar. Now she could maybe summon Nyna to her at will. :p

If the level cap is 100 and she can now choose a second class to level up in, it would make so much sense for her to pick up some kind of debuff class. Her class is Thief if I remember right (or perhaps Arcane Trickster?), so picking up some kind of sabotage skills would let her just wreck everybody.

OK, as a non-gamer (aka token idiot), I need to ask what debuffing is.

On the one hand, I get the whole “overprotective” aspect, but on the other hand I would argue how the hell holding back teaching ones offspring about their full capabilities could possibly protect them more? Not like Nyna wasn’t already out there in the world getting into fights when we met her.

Callum may be one of the few wizards left in the world she could actually learn from to level up a magic class, if she goes that route. There could be a lot of interesting class interactions with her spell thief skill – could she ‘steal’ her own spell to keep it primed for an instacast whenever? Would open up some neat combo attack possibilities!

As for Aiya keeping some Nekomata tricks from Nyna… I suspect some of it has to do with the idea that if Adventurers are gone, her daughter didn’t NEED the skills that would otherwise only be used to mess with other monsters – and nobody would attack Nyna because she is Aiya’s daughter.

Of course now that Nyna is a ‘Unique’ monster… who knows WHERE her skills will end up going?

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