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Wandering Home – 01

Wandering Home – 01 published on 16 Comments on Wandering Home – 01

Elli… Don’t just go giving people the ability to level up beyond what they should, when you haven’t made what the level up does! Now she’s gonna see that level up icon all the time but it doesn’t do anything! Torture to a gamer! 😀


So, presumably, 100 isn’t the max level—since there isn’t any kind of indication she can’t gain more levels in her primary.

As for the others, I’d assume she’d be able to remember the order of the list? Alphabetic? Some other sorting criteria? Heck, she’s seen this window 100 times already, I’d assume she’d have a clue as to what was where.

So that means she can’t interact with it, which seems to agree with her saying “It’s borked!” and “even if it did work”.

Q.E.D., I agree, this would be absolute hell.

I believe Sage said that this level 101 ascension didn’t exist in rune aria before, so this multiclassing is new territory! Winder how fast her second class will level… hopefully not super slowly.
Kaylin originally went with her build for stream appeal, but now that her life’s on the line she might want to add in more survivability… we just saw how crazy tanks can be! Or she could explore magic with Callums help – after all the old class helping npcs may not be around anymore.

Honestly, she already has some experience with Magic from her Spell Thief Specialization. Spellswords would have a good synergy with the Spell Thief Class, as they are both classes that could focus on the same primary stats but have different focuses for those stats. With almost any Thief Class being a utility build, while Spellswords sounds like a combat-focused build.

There is also the possibility of choosing a class that’s focused on Survival, ensuring that she can survive no matter what happens, or one focused on Production, reproducing either tech previously available, tech from Earth, or trying to get the Space Tech working on the planet.

Yeah, I can see why she’d still have a headache, even if her system wasn’t Borked.

Can she call “tech support” by “praying”?

I am willing to bet Ellisia left the games bug report option intact and it just sends her the reports. From what we have seen she is the very diligent logical type, she would hate bugs and want to know about them right away.

She certainly wants all bugs to be taken care of, but has no qualms with adding new things as she sees fit without considering what kind of bugs it might create in the process- as she is a “goddess of creation” she’s quick to make changes and add new things, but wants to perfect them as well. She’s not against releasing something before it’s ready though- which should be fairly obvious…

Kinda makes Ellisia feel like a metaphor for release-crunch game devs in general, ‘move fast and break things’! The antithesis of the concept “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” – which can indeed cause quite a lot of trouble @.@

And poor Kaylin (and maybe Callum, Nyna, Mike, others?) are her testers… it REALLY gives me a different feel to the bargain Ellisia made for Kaylin’s respawn favors, drawing a mental comparison to Wheatley’s testing Itch in Portal 2:

I HAVE to test. All the time. Or I get this… this ITCH. It must be hardwired into the system or something.
Oh! But when I DO test… ohhhhh, man alive! Nothing feels better. It’s just… why I’ve gotta test, I’ve gotta test!
So… you’re gonna test. I’m gonna watch. And everything is gonna be JUST… FINE.

It may be bugged due to the multiclass system coming from another game, thus it may take some time before it fully integrates for Kaylin to use. Much like the various physics introduced by Callum took time to get fit in.

You mean before Ellisia integrates. Contemporary streamers joke about developers living patching games around them. Here it’s kinda true, but Ellisia needs to be made aware of a thing to being implementing it. And that implementation takes a non-trivial amount of time, or has to wait for a maintiance cycle.
(the singularity spooky thought of the day, if the sim has shut down for software maintiance, agents in the sim would never know. No “The Matrix” like stutter)

Elzaarith and Kaylin. Such young boys at heart 🙂

Personally… priest of some kind would be a practical choice. Gods are provably real, and have demonstrated significant influence. Being better able to commune with them would seem critical. Especially if the Creator Goddess above all, is using you as a wandering QA Tester.

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