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Chapter 16 – Wandering Home

Chapter 16 – Wandering Home published on 8 Comments on Chapter 16 – Wandering Home

Hey everyone! I really hope you liked the last chapter. I worked myself really hard the past few months, and I managed to overdo it a bit. So, I decided to take a little bit of time to rest and just do the cover page for the next chapter. It’s already all written, so there’s scripts to turn into pages ready to go- and have been for months now. That said, the cover was pretty complex, and I didn’t want to do a “go back and add the cover later” thing I’ve done a couple of times. I feel they end up getting rushed or thrown together more when I could just spend some of my regular comic time to put out a solid cover. So- Hope you like it, comic starts with page 1 of Chapter 16 next week!


No need to apologize for taking a little break, Sage. Your health is much more important than one more page of comic.

I’m particularly intrigued by the contrast of expressions on this cover page. Nyna and the guy (Yunn?) looking gregarious, but Kaylin looking flustered is a contrast that I’m hopjng we get to learn the origin of at some point. 🙂

Kaylin’s expression definitely caught my eye! I actually took a screenshot and zoomed in to make sure her eyes weren’t grey… still blue, but SOMETHING has her thrown off her game! Mental conversation with Lyrestra, conflict over Yunn, learning something awkward? Interesting times ahead!

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