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I don’t think saying she wasn’t a friend to Nyna was particularly insulting. They’d barely met.

Then I must assure you, it is incredibly rude to aggressively point out to someone that they aren’t a friend to out a person, especially if you don’t know them. Take into account that the statement is likely motivated by the fact that she’s a monster and nothing to do with who they are as a person, and not bothering to get the information immediately from the person who acts a bridge between them, it is insulting. Yunn may be ignorant of Nyna’s current mental state (seeing how her people are literally being slaughtered in cages for the profit of the elite), but Kaylin isn’t, and can’t let a slight like that go. Kaylin would be in the wrong to physically intervene, but a warning of being on thin Ice is very appropriate I think.

yeah there are more than subtle parallels to how people of colour have been treated especially in more historical settings

though that is not exactly uncommon in fantasy settings even if it is more justifiable in most fantasy settings

Don´t go for the race thing, rejection happens even among the race race.
It can just as easily be a gender thing.
And if you ask for the most oppressed people, red heads are pretty much on the top.
They were rejected, ostraciced and even persecuted for longer than blacks faced slavery by whites in the USA.
Even today they get swapped out for blacks in Hollywood, continuing the harrassment.
And nobody even mentions it because “white privilege”.
So you see, don´t go for the race thing, it can be so easily be turned around.
Discrimination happens everywhere, not just on race grounds.

Has she ever been that mad before?

No. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Kaylin use her Social Skills in that tone before (good job on the art). I don’t know if “mad” is the correct word, but hits the Teacher/Student command vibe, to me.

“You crossed a line ‘child’, this is your clear unambiguous warning. Do not cross it again.”

Yeah, Kaylin knows Yunn well enough to know that she should know better, and she knows that Nyna is in a very emotional state right now. Kaylin also knows Yunn, with her particular training, should be able to handle a bit of discipline and show some decorum. Kaylin can also tell that part of Yunn’s attitude likely comes from seeing her mentor prowling around with someone she doesn’t approve of and might feel jealous. On top of that- Yunn is way old enough to the point Kaylin would find it unacceptable to act that way. Technically- she’s older than Kaylin at this point. Seeing as Kaylin was around 270 years old when she disappeared, Yunn was not quite 100 so she’s now coming up on 400 years.

For anyone confused by the age of Elves, I can take a second here to explain. Elves reach physical maturity at around age 20, they are recognized as adults at age 25 by their society. It’s around here that they almost seem to stop aging for hundreds of years. Elves at age 100 are considered to be “beyond sprouts” and is like a celebration event for most elves, like a big birthday event, rather than celebrating every year, they celebrate the cycles of the seasons, and spring is like a birthday event for everyone each year, then a big more personal event for 25, and then at 100 and every hundred after. At 500+ they are considered an Elder, though not to be confused with elderly. Most elves, so long as they don’t meet an unfortunate end (killed, accident, disease etc), they will live for 1200 years. Though some who reach the thousand year mark can use magic or tie their life to their village, and will continue to live for several thousand years so long as their oath remains as well as the place they swear to protect.

Even when an elf dies though, Elves have their own reincarnation circle that claims one of the reasons for low elf birthrates is that it is very rare for a new elven soul to form and the afterlife is not a place elven souls wish to leave so soon and prefer to stay there for long strings of time before returning to the cycle. As to the truth of that It’s hard to say as even with magic you cannot communicate with Elven spirits that have moved on to their afterlife. Ghost Echos (including elven ghosts) are far more common in séance spells than actual souls, but they aren’t impossible. More of this will eventually be explained in the comic though and I can go into more details when relevant.

Kaylin being Yunn’s “Mentor” doesnt preclude the two of them having been close in the past – I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more of that backstory!

We know that Kaylin’s written character bio has been merged with her mind and seemingly incorporated into the world, but I get the feeling that Yunn was an actual NPC that streamer-Kaylin played with in the past; again either a hireling or similar trainee role to match the ‘Juniors’ reference that Kaylin dropped earlier. It might also explain some of the reflexive anti-monster impulse if Yunn’s prior identity was largely to follow Kaylin around and be part of quests that may have included killing various creatures.

Hopefully Kaylin’s warning is enough to placate both Yunn and Nyna; the former by acquiescing to her mentor’s direction, and the latter by seeing that Kaylin stood up for her and clearly doesnt want the pair fighting – especially in the midst of enemy territory! That blue flame Nyna had earlier might already have drawn some eyes…

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