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Nyna was asking her pet

I wonder if this is one of Kaylin’s “Juniors” as mentioned previously – her outfit looks a little like another slime bodysuit, and Kaylin said she gave those away. She could have included NPC hirelings/supports/allies/etc in that list and gone around doing quests with them on stream. Alternatively Yunn could be a named NPC from some quest line or former adventurer town, who would be a friend based on the ‘help’ Kaylin gave them. Could even be a ‘romanced’ NPC from player housing… that exists, right? 🙂

Who then would have told her that Kaylin would be here – probably not Kaala. Another goddess perhaps? And does that mean she could be another Champion, perhaps from before Kaylin ‘appeared’?

I was joking about Yunn being an ex but I completely forgot that there are many games with romance paths. I don’t know if there are any MMORPGs with romanceable NPCs, but this game was rather advanced with their NPC interactions even before the event so who knows.

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