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At some particular point we’re going to need a corkboard, thumbtacks, string, and 4×6 index cards to keep track of everything going on.

Nulticlassing or class changing. That is the question

Multi not nulti. God damned touch keyboard

Would nulticlassing be going classless in a normally class based system? “No, can’t cast the Light spell. I understand, you think I’m a Wizard, but I picked up my magic outside of the class system, so I don’t have all the normal kit Wizards do. With all the XP I saved by picking and choosing, I managed to get my Fireball spell two levels early.”

Kaylin got ‘quest log’ guidance in an interface that’s otherwise glitchy, pointing her toward Talithar (Is there supposed to be an ‘n’ in the name on gods-monsters-and-mortals-16?)

I think the implication is that Kaylin’s elf goddess Lyrestra is directing Kaylin around as a champion. The question is what motivation Kaylin’s goddess has in the matter – is she helping Kaala like Nyna says, or does it possibly put Kaylin in opposition to Kaala? Until Kaylin figures out her own goddess’ position, that may make things awkward for her.

Alternately the fear here could be Talinthar is a kingdom of followers for another god – which both boosts that god’s ability and that of their champion(s), much like the mage impersonator that tried to fight/capture Callum. This unknown god (of what, Humans? NPCs? Other?) could be building up to defeat other gods.

On the same note, Ellisia gave Callum an unknown amulet and has apparently been supporting his works. This suggests Callum could be acting as Ellisia’s champion of creation, even if he is not aware of it. Might not be a bad idea for Kaylin to gather his help for the attack on Talinthar – two champions in the party, possibly three if Kaala makes Nyna one as well.

Whew! Thank yo so much- you caught something that happened before- but I messed it up so bad it went to print- and so I had to change my script- and well- I totally went back to it again XD

So- some context, Talinthar is correct- in my original script. However, waaaay back when I first wrote it in the comic, i wrote it as Talithar. When someone pointed out that I called it Talinthar in a comment when it is Talithar- i was like “Wait- oh no-” – and book 2 had already gone to print with the wrong spelling. So I was like “Guess it’s Talithar now!” and i went ahead and change it in my script document- but not my document with all my overviews for upcoming chapters- and chapter titles.

So when I copied over the title and everything- I totally forgot that I had changed the name. So I was back to using the original name. Should all be fixed now. Saved me a lot of work if I had noticed it after the chapter was over – or even later XD

Point on deities: Lyrestra is the elf goddess, and while maybe she’s tagging Kaylin in with a quest, Ellisia is the adventurer goddess. I forget at the moment if the quest log named the quest giver or if we’re all just thinking Lyrestra when an anonymous quest in a borked log would be Ellisia’s yard.

Also I’m thinking these new gods aren’t just rescue mods, or NPCs. (Might have pondered on that before too)

…rescue ChatGPT?
Sage pointed out more than once (in the comments) that this still is “in-game”, so, is it the game´s AI?
How much self-awareness is there anyway? Does it understand it is a game?
Who controls what right now?
Why are people struggling with who they were before, what does the supposed time jump mean, there are a LOT of open questions.

The new god of darkness/space clearly doesnt have human-level awareness or understanding of concepts like ‘how does money work’, and it’s implied that Kaala had a NPC monster ‘life’ before becoming the new God of Monsters – so there’s definitely continuity and worldbuilding going on that sounds more profound than an admin just logging in to help out of nowhere!

I agree there’s lots of questions at play here, inconsistencies that may only make sense later. With ‘gods’ becoming more active participants and less lore, it definitely makes things interesting!

Kaylin dropped lots of references to Lyrestra early on; I rather wonder how said goddess would view the way she’s carried herself, or if Kaylin tried praying for herself! Moonlight dancing might be a distraction right now, but she could likely use the help 🙂

This comic brings to mind two different book series I’ve been reading. First, Log Horizon. Bunch of gamers wind up inhabiting the bodies of their characters from the game Elder Tale, ending up in a living, breathing world with its own history. Where Adventurers were NPCs to the People of the Land (the native inhabitants of the world), going out and slaying monsters and such for rewards, but otherwise being little more than robots, until the players inhabited the characters. While in the game, the People of the Land were the NPCs the Adventurers received quests from.

The other is World Tree Online by M.A. Carlson, where the main character, Bye-Bye Jacko (his username), enters a DIVE MMO…and is immediately killed with a small rock thrown by a much higher-level player who was trying to unlock a certain class. Jacko gets blessed by Issara, Goddess of Retribution and Justice, allowing him to gain a unique job with a unique power: bringing the levels of all players caught in his skill down to the lowest level player in the field. He receives a quest to bring justice to the murderer, who, when killed while in the equalizing field, had his level reset to 1. Anyway, at a certain point Jacko and his party get to meet the various gods in the world, where it is revealed that the gods know they are AI. They just don’t care. They are gods to the people who worship them, and that is enough.

Hmmm, circling back through here on a re-read, and minor spoilers (if you don’t mind, Sage, et al.), but elves are also being targeted by Talithar, and there are already some elven agents there investigating, so that’s probably why Lyrestra seems to be ahead of Kaala and directing Kaylin to join the investigation (and helping her fellow goddess’ people in the meantime too). Might fill in SOME of the unspoken meanings hinted here. Getting close to caught up, so there’s likely more to be revealed, but might help some people with making out the vague hints here.

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