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To Talithar – 09

To Talithar – 09 published on 11 Comments on To Talithar – 09

Kaylin has confirmed that her goddess wants her to investigate this, buy why? She thinks if anyone should be asking her to look into this, it would be Kaala- but it turns out- Kaala had no idea it was happening. So- It really is important to be aware of what gods can do, as they should be the greatest possible threat. Kaylin was hoping that Kaala could give her an idea of what she’s really walking into, even if she had to trick her into revealing it, but what is most troublesome now is- she knows something is blocking a gods power? Is that because its something that strong? Or are gods not all that powerful- or is it just Kaala is especially weak as a god?


Isn’t it “Your* options”?

Yes, “your options”. “You´re” is just “you are” shortened.
I recommend everyone to not use it unless they are confident to get it right every time.
But, you know, people. They´re wierd.

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