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Aww, Kaylin looks so happy and cute having found another lesbian.

Pretty sure Nyan is bi, not just lesbian.

So…am I the only one who thinks this will go exactly how Nyna expects…until the attempts to kill when the guard’s down, at which point she discovers that Kaylin’s level and passive healing are so high she can’t actually damage her?
Either that or discover that *she’s* the one left exhausted?

It’s the Superman problem. When DAMAGE REDUCTION actively prevents injury in mundain situations. Like surgery or BDSM.

Heh, I remember that in a story of some sort. A superpowered person had memories of being a kid and kept having nurses break needles trying to give shots because they wouldn’t pierce the skin. Or something like that.

Which means PAIN for ordinary people. Because similar to a razor, a needle needs to be the right shape for puncturing without catching on anything. Catching = pain.

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