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Um i get that she knows little about adventures but she should know about elves. They dont need to sleep, so “sleeping” elf that is in a unsafe environment equals trap. But she is curious and a litteral cat.
Btw sage as this is your animal eared girl are sitting at 3 cat, 1 fox and no named assistant(not sure what type she is) i just got to ask if you have somthing against other types? Most authers tend to have a rather even number of cats to dogs. After all you did introduce a wolf only for them to get there skull crushed by lien.(yes i know he was male)

Well, I can’t speak for the author, but a preference *for* one type does not need to imply an animosity *against* others- Sage does not need to have ‘something against’ other types to like cats and feature them prominently. (I actually love catgirls myself. 😉 )

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