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Hey, I’d totally live in a giant keep.

Just don’t expect me to keep it all neat and tidy. That’s what the hired help’s for!

Game design rarely has any grasp on “reality” or “functionality”. Especially when 99% of what should be there isn’t visible to players, and thus never modeled nor rendered. And yes that is a paraphrase for the Journeyman Project, where if you tried to go to floors 2 and 3 in your apartment building would say, “This floor has neither been modeled nor rendered.”

well you need to remember that the game this whole story started with is a VRMMORPG that puts the player’s body into a comatose state while they play and we can assume that the technology to make such a system allows for far more realistic game worlds.

You’ll still cut corners, and shave off as much as you can. Even with a robust and high level of detail voxel system (down to the millimeter or less) most of the time that geometry isn’t going to be rendered, and outside of the Player’s LOS the world (and walls) will be hollow.

While this example may not translate into Brain-VR, the Quake (1996) marines used to hide the muzzle flash model inside their pelvis when it wasn’t in use. It’s hard to say what tricks Brain-VR devs would be doing, but there will be some equally or even more bizarre trickery going on. One thought that comes to my mind would be the “tactile texture” map. Unless a player is interacting with an object there is no reason for to it have a sense of “roughness”. A tree’s bark won’t feel like anything until a player is about to touch it.

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