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Prologue 8

Prologue 8 published on 13 Comments on Prologue 8

I originally had 2 other comics planned before this one but after some review- They contributed nothing to the story and only served to slow down the comic from getting to where I want it to be! In the end, nothing else happened with the crazy lady, the cops arrived and- did their job! Hooray! Unfortunately management sees things differently.


yeah his boss is a class a and b jerk, and tells him he should clocked out work when it was not over and talking to the cops lol

The worst part is that I’ve read enough of to know that this is a rather common occurrence.

Since it’s illegal (at least in most states I’m aware of) to deduct time from a time card so long as the person was actually there and working and they also can’t deduct pay for similar reasons, yeah, it’s pretty common for some places to cancel shifts in order to both punish and make sure someone doesn’t get any overtime pay. Punishment for doing what you should do is unfortunately more common than I wish it was as similar things happened to me. Heck, my employer tried to blame me for a charge on the owners wife’s credit card. Something I couldn’t possibly have done but someone with the ability to use a phone got my name by calling the business and just claimed I authorized it. “How did they get your name then?!” “When we answer we do the general greeting and say “This is MY NAME HERE, how can I help you?” and if they arrived in person you make me wear this name tag.” “Well i really want to know how you got her credit card!” “I told you, I never had her credit card, how would I have her credit card? It’s completely impossible. What probably happened was she gave them her number to pay for something and after they realized she finally noticed the continued charges, called the business, got my name, all so they could make the charges seem non-fraudulent so they could keep her money.”

That’s not only rough, but unfortunately is also a “tiny world” thing,
I know 3 people whose employers tried to pull that shit on them, 1 of them almost stuck, and there was a fuck ton of legwork done to prove she was innocent.

17 year old kid being told they stole 8.7K from their boss.
After the event she became an emotional wreck and ended up dropping out of school. She wasn’t exactly a straight A student, but she was defiantly in the top 20% of her grade.

As a manager, I never understood how punishing an employee over doing what was right and even necessary per the company handbook by shortening their hours more than necessary, especially over something that was for the first time, would actually end well. Honestly, I would have talked the situation over with the employee, filled in what they could have done versus what they did do, then only deduct the extra time they had to take from one or two of their says to avoid the overtime. If this was second or third offense, the full schedule cut would have been more appropriate there.

Though, now that I think of it, what about the person he was with when this all started. Could it be that she gave a report that was different than his and sabotaged things a little?

I’d say my boss is that bad, only he wouldn’t be petty over that kind of thing.

Nooo……..he’d probably petty over much smaller details, instead…..(the man really does need to remember sometime the world doesn’t revolve around his particular employment, but then his memory’s not….exactly the best, either….)

So he’s probably only about 60-80% as bad as that?

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