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Prologue 21

Prologue 21 published on 7 Comments on Prologue 21

We start to push forward!
Also! Just to let you know the Katbox wants to start pushing forward itself with some huge updates! Many of you probably know but a lot of the Katbox wouldn’t be here today without the help of Mihari. She’s an incredibly hard worker and has largely done her work without any pay. The new updates we want are far too big of a task for her to do in her spare time so we want to pay her for her work however a lot of our income is directed at keeping the website going and the things like the artist patreons is all money that goes directly to the artist. It would take us over a year, perhaps even a few years to get the money needed for such a project so naturally, we’re trying crowd funding to see if we can get to this a bit sooner so everyone can benefit. If you would like to help click on the image below and thank you for your time and consideration!


Archers and other ranged classes are typically balanced as support classes, needing group deployment to be effective, alone, its useful as an area opener, maybe with less mundane but “expensive” arrows, or for taking out guards and on watchtowers and for drawing attention elsewhere, but for sustained effectiveness, that is low cost high damage, you need party members to keep the hoards away from you. However in many systems the role of high damage range is covered by magic exclusively, something I really don’t like, as it feels so arbitrary.

I can’t help but read this and be stupid. A year “in game”, or in real life? (I’d assume in reality, but….like I said: gotta be dumb.)

Dang, a whole page of this without hilarious chatter from Chat. I realize we had that before, but it’s like withdraw, now….

Panel 5’s got a great “Don’t mess with me” stare/glare/pose. Prop one of those eyebrows up about 10-20 pixels and I’d swear it’s a challenge, too…..

I’m calling it now. The guy gets gender disforia, and becomes katlyn irl. That or Dissociative identity disorder.w/ gender disforia. That’s my take. Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooorrr?… does his soul get sucked into the matrix?! (oh, yeah, this is also set in a post-yosh! world, that explains the tech and person throwing fire balls). Good story so far. Keep up the good work !

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