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Prologue 14

Prologue 14 published on 3 Comments on Prologue 14

And so, Kaylin has already retrieved her goodies and we get to talk about nifty magical equipment already. For those familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, and Pathfinder and the like, this a cross between the magical items Gloves of Storing, Mule Back Cords, and a Bag of Holding. The gloves of storing allowed an item to be stored inside a magical compartment just by holding it and willing it. The items had to be small though. The mule back cords increased carrying capacity, and of course the bag of holding has a lot of space. Effectively, the Magician’s Band is meant to be used as a gimmick but works well with a rogues skills and weapons. Smaller weapons can be stored (larger with an upgraded version) and it’s more discreet.


Hey Sage, just to give some feedback on the site, I didn’t even notice before (because I didn’t use them, I keep up via RSS) but the navigation buttons are a little confusing at first glance. If one is familiar with the way webcomics work it’s not difficult to figure them out but they’re not the clearest of things.

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