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I’m split on whether this is some kind of boss monster or another ‘returned’ adventurer… who decided to go full Overlord instead of being helpful. Time will tell…

The issue is will they survive dealing with Kaylin long enough for us to see

If they’re just a monster or an ambitious NPC mage with no other qualities, they won’t survive long at all. If they’re the kind of boss monster that Kaylin can’t solo, they will probably survive longer while Kaylin figures a way around them. If they’re another adventurer… then Kaylin might be in trouble. If that’s the case, I wonder if she’ll have to go back for Mike’s admin-level wand to overpower what this enemy is prepared for.

Why does the bad guy look like a vampire?

Guy, whoever you are, I give you about 45 seconds to get out. And it’ll only take that long because I don’t think Henry will just immediately say “trouble” and point in the right direction.

In other, completely different topics….I wonder if this is the “real” Archmage? (Like, killed him and replaced him. If so, how long ago?)

And “new adventurer” how many do you knoooooow…

Are Callum’s actions naive and foolish, or is he deliberately showing his hand prematurely in order to bring Kaylin into play?

i wood say ,, none of the above.. Callum is a “kid” tinker-mage.. not a fighter mage,, he may know some defense spells,, but not against a “arch- “.. so , he is pulling in his high level shield…
(” as a castor,, i will always use my ‘fighter-tank’ as a shield, they have the HP i do not… “)
he is smart enough to know he is in over his head.. so call for back up..

Now see I would have teleported my self..somewhere else

That’s addressed in next week’s script (as in next week not the update this week/tomorrow) and there’s a hint to why he didn’t in this page.

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