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Blood Claw Bandits – #12

Blood Claw Bandits – #12 published on 19 Comments on Blood Claw Bandits – #12

Currently I am sold out of all the of the Nyna Body pillows but if you are still interested in a Kaylin Daki I have a few remaining! Email me at with your paypal email, name of the country you are shipping to with the Subject “Daki” and make sure to mention you are interested in the Kaylin Daki. Otherwise im going to have to make sure you aren’t contacting me about the sold out Nyna Dakis! The price is 40USD for the Daki +Shipping which is 5USD for within the US, 16USD for Canada, and between 20-30USD for most other countries.
Here’s the preview image if you missed it from before!


Did she kill him, or was this some spell activating on him?

A true nekomata, so few of them around.(i dont count mislabled bakanekos) I do wonder why blue flames though. Yes most spirits are depicted that way blue flames is more a fox fire thing or willowisps, nekomatas fires are just that. Fires. Though this does look better. I do wonder if nyan has the second power nekomatas are known for, necromancy

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