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Paradigm Shift – #01

Paradigm Shift – #01 published on 8 Comments on Paradigm Shift – #01

Chapter 8 has begun! A bit later than intended- apparently I forgot to tell it to auto post the update at midnight and I was like “That’s odd, I didn’t get an alert that the comic went up- oooooh.”


Bodyguard good one

Probably the best lie she could have gone for, really. Kaylin has made the “demi-human” lie work well enough, but the first instinct of everyone is still going to be “monster” and they’ll likely stay on guard around her. The role of bodyguard plays into that. They’re supposed to be intimidating, so the townsfolks’ fear gets a harmless justification that helps sell both the aforementioned lies and the idea that Kaylin is a civilian (and likely affluent) merchant rather than a legendary adventurer.

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