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Otherworldly Encounter – #20

Otherworldly Encounter – #20 published on 17 Comments on Otherworldly Encounter – #20

For those concerned about Nyna eating Chocolate- remember it’s a game. Food is edible by all so long as they are the right kind of creature. Herbivores, carnivores and omnivores! Carnivores must eat meat to regain energy to survive, Herbivores need to eat plants, and Omnivores can eat both- Nyna is an Omnivore. There are no food allergies or foods that are poisonous to one but harmless to others, but there are poisons that are harmless to certain races or people with sufficiently high poison resistance.


Where would Kaylin even find cocoa beans? That’s usually the kind of item you’d buy from vendors instead of having it drop from a mob.

This may sound weird, but Nyna actually reminds me of Lucchini from Strike Witches for the last few pages

Because Lucchini also is a “cat girl”, all the Witches get animal ears and tails when activating their powers, remember?
And with both Nyna and Lucchini designed around the likeness of a cat, it´s just natural that they resemble each other.
In general Nyna resembles several other anime characters, where this whole animal-human theme is much stronger as characters are usually archetyped with animals in mind in japanese stories.
Being compared to an animal is not considered an offense in Asia, you can see that in Mangas, korean Manwhas and chinese Manhuas.
More often with female characters, but with male ones as well.

Makeing chocolate is not THAT hard, makeing GOOD chocolate, however, is…

Basic ( and somewhat bland ) home made chocolate recipie:

Coconut oil —
Oil from a coconut…. duh

Should be somewhat easy to find in a store, but it might be expensive.

Milk powder —
Its litterly just dried milk… takes like a day to make but all you really need is milk and a over… might take some tries to get it right…

Cocoa powder—
You can get a basic powder just by roasting the beans after they have had a week to dry, but it wont be as good as store bought.
Store bought powder is alot much more complicated…

chocolate liquor ( not Liqueur,, which has alcohol) you get liquor (which stores for a long,,, time when solid.) after roasting an drying then pressing.. all of the chocolate companies use the liquor for the richer creamer confection,. (also 4 or more different beans to get unique taste/flavor.)

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