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First a style-genre mix of various MMORPGs, now a gameplay-genre mix with fighting games (Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, etc.) entering the mix? The “what the hell is causing all of this” question is getting really interesting now…

I wonder if a fighting game with RPG progression would be any good ?
As far as i know i have not heard about one.
But im not much of a fighting game person, so if that actually exists plz do let me know.

I’m curious what limitation Kaylin is specifically referencing. I dont think this is a ‘2d’ sprite to where it cant hit her if she rotates around it, but maybe it gets stunned on hit so any rapid flurry of attacks is enough to beat it. Could also be far simpler than that – if it’s operating under an internal ‘fight timer’, all Kaylin would need to do is hit once then leave the ‘arena’ area and it ‘loses’ by default when time hits zero.

One big difference between a fighting game character and a mmo one is that mmo ines start with full mana and can unleash their biggest attacks out the gate then wait on cooldown and mana regen. Vs a fighting game their supre bar starts empty and needs to build. Though he started with what must have been a super, which is odd. Though also very worrisome that he is from a fighting game, many have finishers that are absurdly destructive, like a good number of blazblue characters have ones that are world destroying, as they are often quite cinematic. The gap between what their normal attacks can do and supers can be massive, she needs to kill it quickly before its bar fill.

There is one notable exception to the usual RPG shtick: In “Final Fantasy Tacitcs A2” for the DS, when a battle begins, the characters, both allied and enemy, start with NO MANA instead of their max MP, but it builds at the rate of 10 MP per active turn.

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