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Let’s see if I got this right. The feeling she got was that her target and what she could see were not occupying the same space. The enemy had an ethereal form separate from the physical goo. So she used a wide angle attack to prevent more dodging, with a skill akin to ghost touch in other games to ensure no dimensional/planar nonesense. Or something.

I understand she needs to attack like this ,but, does she need to kill a innocent plant :3
he or she did nothing wrong.

Just making some cuttings, that can be grafted to other plants, or rooted to have even more. No probs.

Can see how this would hurt a hand. Extra shit to draw is extra strain/exertion. I’m always kinda surprised artists don’t all have carpal tunnel and wear wrist braces. They do help, quite a bit. Not drawing for me. Broke my wrist at 19, the scaphoid bone, it’s the big one in your wrist that the pressure from your thumb grabbing shit goes through. Doc made my day when he said it was the worst bone you can break in your wrist, and that I’d be feeling it for the rest of my life. He wasn’t wrong. But not entirely right either. Construction sure didn’t help. By my early 30’s, was dropping the screw-gun every time a screw set, cause of the little twist the gun makes when the screw gets tight. Had to take a cpl weeks off and get a wrist brace. >.<

So take care of that stuff so temp pain dun become chronic.

I think it’s an unfortunate case of ‘wrong place, wrong time’ on the part of the plant. Also the rest of the building behind it seems.
Definitely escalated from the initial stealth plan.

Plant was in a vase not a plant pot, so was already cut anyway.

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