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Panel four seems to be missing a word
“a guard captain overlook such a thing”
seems it should have a “can” at the start or at least be “overlooking” to imply a tone of mocking or implied disappointment.

No, I think you’ll find it works grammatically as it is.

Smaal user feedback. Reading these (both of them) comics on a phone screen is… Straining
If at all possible have a “phone” version of the page where the comic page is “edge to edge” and as convenient it is for next page to just click the image so does it atm get “dark/dimmed” and I am not sure why. It seems as if it is 3 different fields for “next page”

This is mostly an issue when I read page after page after page and have to zoom in all the time, gets a little fiddly as i accidentally change page or just “makes it to dark to read”.

On other news, your art and art style has improved alot since 2007 so gratulations on being “practice makes perfection” personified

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