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Maybe they’re just here to build orphanages and homeless shelters.
I’ve never heard of undead doing something like that, but the possibility still exists!

One anime I tried watching recently, “Am I Actually the Strongest?” did have a bit like that, where a group of enemies tried to summon a horde of skeleton warriors to attack the MC, but the MC usurped the command/control rights of the summons to turn them against the foes, and they stuck around when he was done. Afterwards, he just gave them a bit of land out in the forest for them to settle, and they began building a village and farmland (even though they didn’t sleep or eat), and invited other lost or displaced monsters to join them to build a monster-town haven.

Living adventurers prompting an undead attack after a few days in town? Sounds perfectly normal to me… >.>

Did someone kill a zombie scout and prompt an invasion? Did Callum build a noisy farming machine and alert the horde? Did Kaylin long ago incur the wrath of a local lich who may or may not be some form of king? Are any or all of these references a stretch and partially or wholly wrong?!?

Okay I’m being silly 🙂 Setup page gonna set up the plot. Let’s see where this goes!

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