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Well… not sure about the design meta of a near-future “Full Dive VR”, but in the old cartridge school days, if you had:

1. a sign out front that said “Monster Village” and “Inn Ahead”
2. an Inn with a Save Point
3. a Weapon, Armor, and Misc. vendor
4. Monster children playing chase in a rectangular loop

this would have been sufficient to mark the area as a non-combat “story” area. May be worth a try just in case.

Good idea – Let’s see how that plays out!
“Welcome to monster village! Please do not kill!”
*Hire monster children to run around village happily all day*
Meanwhile- Adventurers
“There has never been a peaceful monster village in this game- kite the children and maybe we can pull some adults from the area-“

Kinda feels like Kaylin is speaking this aloud not just to Nyna, but also to herself – possibly working it out as she says it, for her own benefit as well. It’s similarly possible she’s delving into her Kevin-brain at the moment, and seeing how far her thoughts and memories in that direction extend as well.

Acknowledging all of this is good, but somehow I dont like the idea of leaving Aiya’s village in ‘Kill Unknown Adventurers On Sight’ mode. Frankly it’s an argument toward not just having them do business with human villages for crops and supplies, but to full on attract some permanent ‘non-monster race’ residents – humans, elves, dwarves, etc, so they show up as a genuine mixed village instead of the pure-monster XP raid boss camp that Kaylin describes.

This would certainly be an interesting time for the new gods to drop in and join the conversation…

Kaylin has memories of Kaylin working with NPCs, and with Adventurers, she can clearly see the difference and – she knows that she participated in some of that as well, so she’s reflecting on it, comforted by the fact that Kevin wasn’t big into that method of play but still has guilt over what she did participate in sometimes.

…my comments are being filtered and I don’t really know why

uh. Was it because I had my wikipedia page as url ? 😐 weird

Very odd, usually all comments that get pulled I get a notification about saying there are comments that need moderation and I just read em and set them to public. I don’t see anything like that. The spam thing is certainly more aggressive towards posts with links in them or attached to them in some way.

A classic horror setup — an entire village of thinking beings that *look* just like the mindless, always-chaotic-evil canon-fodder the Adventurers were used to using for target practice. Worst of all, wondering if the (once) completely non-sentient NPCs changed some time before she (Kaylin) noticed, or had any reason other than role-playing to treat them decently.

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