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Ah, it should be spelled “yields” not “yeilds” in the last panel. Also, in the fourth panel it should be “and/or” instead of “and or” since the slash makes it into a single term.

thanks for catching the yields error fixing it right now. As for the “and or”, it is correct technically because they are saying both, they aren’t saying one or the other so when used as spoken dialogue, you shouldn’t use a slash to mean one or the other because both are spoken. Also if you did use a slash in this case that means it would be read as “And or or” because the slash means Or. So for dialogue, “and or” is more appropriate. If you were reading the following “You should tell him/her about this” you would read it as “You should tell him or her about this”. If you said “You should tell him slash her about this” it sounds like you are trying to tell someone to harm someone over this… XD

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