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It’s not traditional to have someone say nothing like that, but one of my more favored writers (and friend) does it enough to have made it grow on me.

Explore, play, bend rules a little. Language changes over time, and so too can the writing of it.

Also, good on Aiya to realize she might have messed up a little. Growth, even if you had to have it reinforced by an authority figure, is always good.

i kind of like how there is no speech in a speech bubble, sometimes silence with no bubble gets me a bit confused for a second and then i figure it out

not only that, but it just goes to show the emotions more with whatever emotion is happening at that very moment, sometimes showing nothing like that can really set the mood with what youre trying to go for

Really is striking how much Aiya has… left an impression on Kaylin, and yet Aiya is nowhere near the top of the food chain so to speak, between Kaala and Elli. Sena too, given Kaala implied Sena outclasses Aiya. Really feels like Kaylin is in a shark tank here, and sure is fortunate the sharks seem friendly.

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