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Now it gets personal!!! just one question…if Nyna is elite then what would her mom be?

Is Nyna an Elite?
I thought that was a misunderstanding and Nyna originally just went with it because she realized how absolutely outclassed she was and being an “elite” made Kaylin think twice
IIRC Nyna’s mother is an elite, Nyna herself isn’t (But is still very powerful)

Nope, nevermind, the cast page explicitly labels Nyna as an Elite

Its possible Nyna is a low level elite while her mom is a higher leveld elite.
or she could be a dungeon boss or something…
There is also the option of her being a raid boss, but i don´t think she is THAT powerfull.

They already know Kaylin’s an adventurer, unless the earlier group never made it back or failed to report that part of the encounter. With someone dead I’d think word would get around. Which makes me wonder how exactly Kaylin is being thought of, here – her being on best behavior is probably very good right now.

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