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Kaylin has so much to look forward to!


Does she, though? Nyna’s not an identical copy of her Mum, and you don’t know what the women on her Dad’s side look like. It’s possible Nyna isn’t going to do much more “developing” – unless she changes her diet and lifestyle.

The question:
Did Callum buy his safety with the chocolate or by dint of being young?

Kaylin has neither of those on her side, though being Nyna’s “pet” might be protection enough. What if Aiya asks Nyna to make a gift of this “pet”?

Her mother gives me the creeps the way see looks at at you. Some thing tells me she is a very high level creature that has seen a lot in her life. She stills creeps me out.

Why didn’t Callem just say chocolate?

Because Nyna didn’t know what chocolates were, so it seemed a safe bet that Nyna’s mother probably doesn’t either.

In the city he lives in he’s an inventor so he could say that he invented chocolate

This doesn’t help at all with explaining what the gift is though by calling it Chocolate. If i were to go up to you and said “Here, eat this, it’s a Goobledegoobertonite.” Your response probably shouldn’t be “Awww yeah im gonna stick this in my mouth.” But if i say “Hey, this is food that tastes good, you may have it” well then so long as you trust me you could just eat it.

By not calling it it chocolate, he doesn’t have to explain it. If she wants to know more, she can ask.

She really does exude confidence, doesn’t she? Very well done capturing that expression through body language and minor gestures. Casually mentions that this is ‘her village’ as a fact that is already known, understood, and not up for debate.

Given that Nyna has already revealed the monsters in this village have no idea of each others’ actual power relative to each other, it would seem that this forceful personality could be what has established rank and structure for their civilization.

As for the eye glow – a few theories there. An ‘observe’ type skill perhaps, but also maybe some low-level aggro response – “boss monster is now aware of adventurers that have entered the area.” There’s also the further possibility that this could be another instance where monsters/npcs have started gaining skills they would not otherwise have – or indeed something else entirely. Definitely catches the eye from how it is focused in that panel though!

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