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now the question is, is it 1/10000 chance per kill, or per raid ?

A ‘Phantom Blade’…some classes of undead are ‘phantoms’, might work against them all 🙂

The mom was called the Phantom Cat as a raid boss, so this is probably the most powerful drop from her loot table that Kaylin can use. It’s kind of funny that she can generate these items as gifts though, so i guess Kaala has at least admin level access, which is a tiny bit high for an in game AI.

For some reason, I find myself wondering whether the “Loot Table” is now effectively a bag of infinite items…
Aiya was able to see the sword and its number. When she took it out of the “Loot Table” did she take the only copy, or can she just… pull more of them out of there? Maybe it regenerates over time?

These feel like questions Callum would ask, because if Monsters are able to start just… ‘producing’ the items that normally came from their death, all of a sudden Monster society would have a LOT of trading material to bargain with, craft with, anything with…

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