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Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 02

Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 02 published on 6 Comments on Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 02

Rough way to learn that the game world was built FOR adventurers and so, they are pretty important, even if a lot of them are just terrible.


Okay standing by my theory that Kaylin isn’t really Kaylin! In fact the AI thing adds to it. If an AI kicked all players from the game (for endangering the NPCs presumably) then I think the adventurers in this are all false selves. Like the person is still in the real world and the adventurers are the AIs attempts to fill their gaps, but are based off information the AI could gather.

Kaylin was assembled from the streams and lore about her that was already given, in contrast the others were probably made from information they gave the game, data the game gathered etc. Kaylin might be more complex because the AI only wants the adventurer and not the player so it only used the adventurer bits god her, they needed to motivate her and she still has meta-knowledge but otherwise…

Im curious how much kaylin remembers/ knows about what an ai is at this point, given that at one point she was mixing up what a plane was. Perhaps because it’s game related she can retain more about it?

Also, why is the page title for this and last page “Gods, Monster*, and Mortals?” The chapter title page had ‘Monsters’, plural. Typo or intentional difference?

Hmmm… So if Ellisia purged all the adventurers and only started to reintroduce them when things fell apart, what happened to the users in between? I would expect that the server would’ve just disconnected users. This would mean that all the restored adventurers are actually AI themselves, having a copy of part of the memories and personalities of the actual humans who were in the game. This would also tie in with character bios affecting these restored adventurers a lot.

What this doesn’t explain is why other worlds are connected. Unless it was one huge server hosting many games, and Ellisia emerged from the AI overseeing this huge infrastructure. It also doesn’t explain why she needs Callum to develop the world day by day. If he were an AI he would probably not be able to be so creative within the confines of the program…

Okay if an A.I. “kicked” (or attempted to at least) all players from the game. the time lapse makes sense, games have to be slowed down to play at human speed. The CPUs running the game can run faster the player can react so years passing in minutes makes sense, if the ai removed that limitation. now she/it needs players to fix things it’s slowed the game down again so they can interact.

(What doesn’t make sense is the guy dropping in from a different game (as any sensible Dev would isolate game world’s and servers) but let’s shelve that. )

Every IT guy/girl knows that when you attempt to kill all sessions you have a few that stay open (unless you straight up power it off) generally due to resources in use so in theory if Katlin and Callum were in the middle of saving say, there sessions may not have got kicked to prevent corruption of there data. The a.i. may not have known/realised they were still in the game. Depending how much control/influence it has over the game world.

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