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Talk about ‘one sentence that turns a lot of expectations.’

“Perfect to aid in the mending”. In otherwords she’s not a dirty murder hobo.

Oh thank God, I hate murder horbos, That or people who basically love to break the DM.

Like this guy and let me tell you I had to deal with somebody like that.

I can only imagine the horror these characters would have to go through. Then again I had to be witnessed to something similar. Guy went off on his own cause so much havoc and then basically got kicked from the group because he did not want to role play properly and I told him this is to roll play.

Yeah I invited the guy.

So Ellisia could probably explain the whole situation and maybe Kaala knows at least some bits of information about what happened. They could be in the (far) future in Earth time or on a forked server instance running on any time scale relative to Earth time. (the only reason MMO-s run on real time is the presence of logged in players) Both would mean there is really no way to really join with the original IRL players though.

As someone that has played Alot Of MMO’s from sci-fantasy, science fiction and technology magical mayhem in post apocalyptic themed universes you’ll think that there’s would be a away for original irl players to join but there are rules that prevent one realm from joining, but as with this comic as we seen that science fiction MMO have come together in this universe, but only as planets for each world that was running after what ever caused the problem of being separated from there meat aspects( body) .

Part of me thinks the gods and goddesses (AI?)had enough and decided to remake there world universe act more like real life with exception to few kinks like with kalyin’s character who the player became stuck in this game, if you ever seen the original hack//.sign anime there was this character that litterally couldn’t log off and his body was in a hospital in a coma/veggie state while his spirit/soul was trapped.

Okay I wasn’t planning on writing a essay on this there has to be a test to see if Kaylin can return afterwards from being killed much as she doesn’t want to test it intentionally. But we need to see what happens does her digital self still use grave yards does she keep the damage limbs etc

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