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Ooooh, so she still remembers other games?

Now… Is Mike giving his real name, or his PC name? Would be interesting if he hasn’t been hit with the memory screwing stick

weeeeeeeird. why is a sci-fi player stuck in a Fantasy RPG

Actually many online RPG-s, especially the asian ones use the same game engine, just different maps, characters and items. I’ve seen the same korean engine run a fantasy game and a sci-fi one. It’s completly possible to load a character from one configuration to the other world just as much as multiple shard setups allow players to switch servers while keeping everyting.

In this case, the IRL time of the event for each player could be determined and if one is earlier, then the other character’s player might have heard something about it. If both events happened at the same time, then it’s not much of a help to have two player characters. At least there should be a description about the way that resulted in Mike ending up in another game.

The nature of VR is that as long as there is no contact with the outside world, there is no way to get any info about it and even the speed of time could be completly different between the real and the virtual worlds. The original player characters do seem to be disconnected though, so our players seem more like a digital copy of the original persons, but this is just speculation. Actually that would make them another form of NPC, a non programmed AI…

I bet next page he’s going to say that his game just came out, and it’s going to imply that they’re taken from different times.

You may be right I get the feeling that Mike’s from the past when star parade was big, so if this effected all games and other gamers past and future, does this mean the accident has happened before or was point of origin when the accident happened and it spread to the past games as well

“…the game I’ve been stuck in is/was Star Parade.” depending on whether he thinks he’s still in his original game or not. “has been” just doesn’t fit here.

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