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That sounds about right, if you want something bad enough, but don’t want anyone else getting it, you just break it, usually in a way that keeps it from being repaired… I don’t think people ever think that last bit through all the way.

That reminds me of a sci-fi book, “The Lost Fleet: Dauntless”. (Yes, it’s the first of the series. No, I haven’t had a chance to read the rest of the series, nor the sequel series.)
In that, normally when abandoning an orbital station, both sides in the war* basically do just a factory reset in case they want to return to the place, seeing as how some bases are retaken over and over again. (It’s just too inefficient to rebuild everything every time, and some abandonings aren’t about military overrun) In the book, the Alliance fleet comes across a base where even the firmware is secure wiped, giving the fleet the first sign that there’s a third (alien) force out there. Due to that, and the fact that the fleet is deep in enemy territory, the fleet destroys the base equipment once they’re done with it.

*Alliance vs. Syndicate Worlds; the Syndics are ostensibly the bad guys, but things have degenerated over the last 100 years so that the Alliance is almost as bad, and sometimes worse.

Kind of like when Sisco had to evacuate DS9 and let the Dominion have it (briefly). The wiped the computers, fried some of te tech but otherwise left the station whole, with basic systems functioning. Things like power generation, life support, gravity, etc.

i realize im late to the chat on this stuff, and please excuase my spelling. its really good thery is that when this became “real”, the games all inter conectid to the older games, since they are older, and therfor, dominent.

preety farfeched but it makes sense to me.

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