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Ah, glamoured gear. Helping folks maintain their aesthetics since forever

Also: She didn’t start the fire. Though she didn’t light it, will she try to fight it?

Yeah. That is something I despise in games. The fucking retarded weapons. All of them nothing more then dickwaving for the minuscule. Both the players and the artists that think they are awesome. None of them get the concept of understated elegance. Much less how the fuck you’re supposed to actually use something that weighs the same as a small car. You know full well the fucktards, devs or players, have sweet fuck all of an idea what real weapons look like.

You’d like the weapons in Dragon Quest 11, I think. They’re stylish, but also realistic (except maybe the daggers… those are pretty over the top). I’m particularly fond of The Black Blade, which is a greatsword weldable by the main character. It looks super cool, but it’s of a believable size and realistic-ish design.

Part of that is actually the necessities of game design. In a lot of games, realistically proportioned weapons would simply disappear and be extremely difficult to track at the speeds the characters move at, or in the midst of the crazed acrobatics and mass-particle-effects superpowers players regularly get access to. Some embellishments are purely aesthetic, of course, but video game weapons have been significantly to absurdly larger than their IRL counterparts throughout the history of gaming as much so players know where those weapons ARE as much as anything else. We get no kinetic feedback from swinging them around, and games have to be fairer about letting you know where enemy weapons are than Life does.

Yeah If i wanted to play with historically accurate weapons all the time I would play Historically Accurate games, not fantasy games. Kaylin thinks some of them look ridiculous, but she likes the trick that she looks like shes using sub par weapons. Player’s cant just see your level, but if they see you using a unique legendary – they would know you probably arent level 10…

ah i do that all the time. fine what is the first step gear for max lvl and skin it on to the best. so many turnarounds were the oponent has no clue what happened. ah good times. games that have a costume slot make this even better as you can look nice without giving a clue to your gear.

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