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Got to the 5th panel and realize what was happening in the 3rd panel.

Sage you may have wanted to shift the center of 3rd panel slightly to the left of Kylin’s head so we could see the sword hilt in her hand. I believe it would have improved the flow of the page.

That defeats the purpose of framing it to make it look like it came out of nowhere. That’s the reason the 4th panel is there and the shocked expression. All the hints are there- the colored light that always appears when bringing out or putting away an item, the sound effect, and the bloody sword in the 4th panel.

Oh hey, new toy for her. Or not, might be giving off a bit of a bad vibe.

Toy for Nyna more likely. After all she is the person who practices unarmed combat in her ‘party’. Also an apology for getting the ‘fun’ part. Though both so outclass these bandits that neither really had fun.

She was so quick with her sword that he didn’t even notice it at first AND the momentum of his arm wasn’t affected.

“They say that magical swords hurt less than non-magical ones, as the edge is lot sharper with enhancement”.

Not exact quote word to word from “Goblins – The Webcomic”, but gives a good idea. If she has super-sharp blade of level “leave it sharp point against wood and it cuts its way down”, one could EASILY disarm themselves.

I’m not sure, but panel two makes it looks a little bit like her head popped off of her body…Also, if that’s her ear in the top right corner, it’s colored like her hair.

Otherwise, loving the surprise there. Don’t bring a gauntlet to an “elven witch” fight. 😉

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