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I really hope Kaylie is ‘isekai’ levels of powerful, because there is only so much a single or maybe ppl can do. Nina and Kaylie have probably nothing to fear, but if they get bogged down and held up fighting the boss, the mooks can just go pick off the civvies.

Is Nyna supposed to be crossing her arms on the 5th panel? She looks more like…grabbing her upper arm as if she’s shivering or something

She’s crossing her arms and adjusting her yukata as it was slipping more in the previous panel she was in. Nothing about her body language says she’s shivering though so I didn’t think anyone would come to a conclusion like that? I usually think of people grabbing closer to the top of their arms when shivering.

Is Nyna fanservice? Her top’s slipping, her miniskirt shows the back of her thighs. And the furry arms, legs and tail.

Anything can be fan service but that’s not the characters purpose. The character Nyna is a Nekomata, a monster with a different view of things than humans. That said- very confused why showing thighs, or having furry arms and parts is fan service? She’s a cat monster- I’m not sure what you expect? Oh and- She’s not wearing a mini skirt. That’s not a skirt at all.

Bandits, like our good ol’ bandit friends she first met at the beginning of the story before she/he got trapped in this world. The ones she robbed from that swore vengeance!

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