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Gonna reiterate my theory of the new items somehow needing time to ‘change’ to in-world equivalents. And expand the theory by guessing that maybe when an item never existed at all in the world – say the tank – maybe it’s borrowing item data from other games.

Sadly though it looks like those questions are going to go unanswered, in favor of Kaylin meeting Callum’s ‘guardian’… or possibly not if she just slips away.

What if the world is using the few remaining “adventurers” to debug a gradually more realistic environment for more widespread use — Callum sees it as a one-day delay, but in the real world it might be a moment or a month to update the world engine. When the world is working a lot better there will be a massive influx of new PCs and we finally learn why — new game, immortality on-line, end of the outside world, etc.

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