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So, is it really boring, or is Kaylin just saying that so she does not have to explain the nasty things adventurers did to creatures like Nyan?

It might be another bank, or a message board of some kind, something only adventurers could use and thus most likely fell to ruin after they disappeared.

would have been more funny if the tank broke down the door and the giant broke his leg trying to kick him

Actually, based on the mechanics of most RPG worlds, that would be highly improbable. Everything takes at least a little damage, no matter how high your defense is, and most RPGs do not have weapon durability. In addition, I feel that after how long Sage has been doing this, he knows what’s funny. Which it was. And this comic is great. THANKS SAGE!

Please bear that the previous paragraph completely ignores the Fire Emblem series, which both has weapon durability and completely negates all damage if your defense/resistance is higher than the attacker’s attack/magic stat respectively.

Well, there are actually a fair number of systems that use something like AC (armor class), such as, prominently, D&D, which if the attack doesn’t reach the threshold it just has no effect. The AC can come from dex/dodging, luck, armor/Nat.armor, magic shields, etc, but it all boils down to miss/hit. Someone with no dex/dodge can stack armor AC’s up, and as far as attacks are concerned, a missed blow against armor is just as ineffective as a dodged blow. I know it doesn’t make the most of sense half the time, but that’s how it is.
In this instance, his AC would be so high from armor, that even though the Giant’s attack is so huge and virtually covers a large surface area, it would still do nothing if it missed his AC.

The situation presented here is more about the tank characters skills and stats in addition to high end armor. The game doesnt use an AC system like dungeons and dragons where it’s hit and miss. Rather, it’s skill based so if an attack physically makes contact it’s a hit. How powerful and deep the hit is and where it is determines the damage. Armor reduces many of the negative effects but just having strong armor doesn’t do it effectively on its own. Characters specializing in heavy armor though can perform defensive skills that can make them exceedingly hard to hurt. Skills like “Aegis” for a shield that blocks almost as well as an unbreakable object for a short time, or a skill like Fortress of Steel, that while not moving you can temporarily multiply your armors protective bonuses for a short time. Most defensive skills though cant be activated while attacking, so rapidly changing from offense to defense is what makes them so scary. Real pros throw in feints as well to create false openings and follow up with retributive defensive skills like Crashing Gate (many heavy armor skills are named after castle defenses).

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